Addison Witt, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul

Sir Addison Witt


Virtual Manager

Guiding actors, coaching, and mentoring

Every day I receive and answer questions from actors, models, and mentees from the US and around the world seeking my help in achieving their dreams and goals. Whether it's coaching for an upcoming audition, or consulting on the direction to take regarding a creative interest, I get questions from all of my social media platforms. Now you have direct access to me through my site. As a virtual member you become a client entitled to professional coaching and guidance.

When you have questions and you want answers from a entertainment professional: I have a plan for you. 

Or when you need help preparing for an upcoming role for a television or film audition; You have access. 

For those that don't have agent or manager representation, but would love to have guidance in navigating your career, you are at the right place. 

There is no managerial contract, nor will you pay me commissions on your successes. You can cancel at any time.