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"The Power of Team Building: How Collaboration Can Boost Your Individual Success"

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

One of my first breakthrough clients is Leah Pipes. It was 2001, and Leah was 12 years old when we met. Her mother called my office days before, telling me they were stuck and didn't know where to turn next. I asked her to bring Leah to my office to talk more about her future as an actress. Leah was smart and funny. I liked her straight away. In fact, the first question I asked Leah revealed an answer that would tell me everything I needed to know about her. In fact, her response was a game-changing moment that would influence all questions I asked new actors from that day forward. I assembled a team of agents and became Leah's manager and acting coach. I can't say enough about Leah's mother. She was dedicated and always showed up for everything I asked of her. And because of that work and collaboration, we achieved our goals. In 2003 the ABC series, Lost at Home debuted. The show was based on a family in crisis looking for answers. The series starred Gregory Hines, Stark Stands, Mitch Rouse, Gavin Fink, Connie Britton, Leah Pipes, and Aaron Hill. Unfortunately, it was an untimely death for Greggory Hines, and the series only lasted one season. However, it was the beginning for Leah and some of the other young actors. They've all gone on to have fabulously unique careers.

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